The Cause

What are we raising funds for?

What It Is

This year, #LipOffKW is supporting safe shelter for victims of human trafficking - a safe environment in our community where they can access the supports and services they need.

Who's Involved

The Waterloo Region Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre has partnered with the Waterloo Regional Police Service creating a Multidisciplinary Response to Combat Human Trafficking. 

Why is this important?

Human trafficking is happening in our community, and we can do something about that.  We can talk, we can learn, and we can continue to make our community a safe and supportive place.


What Else?

In Our Community

When victims of human trafficking are connected with the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre and Waterloo Regional Police Service, they need a place to stay. Right now, they often end up staying short-term in hospitals or hotels. We can do better than that.

What's involved?

The multidisciplinary response involves medical (forensic nurses) and social services (social workers) ensuring victims receive the complete continuum of care,  support, and referrals while working in conjunction with Victim Services, Woman’s Crisis Services, Withdrawal Management and Al-Control.

What can I do?

You can support this initiative and victims of human trafficking by participating in #LipOffKW. All funds raised go directly to support the creation of safe shelter.