About Us


Rebecca Petricevic

VP of Enablement and Shenanigans. Rebecca is all about getting people on stage and doing silly videos. When not throwing herself into everything, Rebecca enjoys canoeing, reading all the fantasy novels, and feminist film criticism.

Tiff Iden

Senior Director of Espionage and Glitter. Tiff is a connector who brings in the big guns.

Jen Wilson

Senior Bossypants of Reality. Jen keeps this team on track. Ruthlessly. With that bow.

Tara Wilson

Director of Enthusiasm.  Tara is passionate about embracing change as the only constant, travelling to learn, loves music of all kinds and is an avid concert-goer. She believes in building character through community involvement and having fun!!!

Jolene Knott

VP of Sunshine and Rainbows. Jolene is like a beautiful golden retreiver personified. She loves people. She will go up and make friends with all the other dogs. ... Do you have a dog? Bring them to LipOff!

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