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Think we're cool?  Become One of Us!


You've got a song in your heart that you just have to lip-sync and we've got the stage for you. Bonus points if you challenge your friends/coworkers/family to a battle! Sign Up Here


We need all the help we can get to make this event run smoothly. You've got skillz. We will give you a t-shirt, hilarity, and Tiff as your servant for a week in exchange for these skillz on the night of November 7th.  Sounds Great! Sign Me Up!


You have an eye for talent and want to put your power to good use. Attend the event on November 7th and cast your vote for best performance. The winner gets a trophy of magnificent beauty.  Get your tickets here soon!

"The most fun I've ever had. Sober or not."

~ Definitely A Real Person


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